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PM hints at Saudi role in Davis case

- March 06, 2011 - Updated 00 PKT - From Web Edition

LAHORE: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Sunday said if Raymond Davis issue is to be resolved through Qisas/Diyat then in that case role of Saudi Arabia could not be ruled out, Geo News reported.


Talking to senior columnists at PM House, Gilani said the government would not take any decision against the dignity and sovereignty of the country in Raymond Davis case.


He said he in process of taking into confidence the Ulema and Mashaikh to deal with the menace of terrorism.


The Prime Minister said that no institution other than the Parliament could change or amend the Constitution. “The Constitution clearly determines the role of all state institutions which work within their ambit and are bound to follow the Constitution.”


The Prime Minister said that all institutions were passing through the process of evolution and they would identify their role with the passage of time.


“Soon after PPP came into power, the country was faced with multiple challenges like global recession, energy crisis, terrorism and floods which consumed enrgies of the government but we would overcome these challenges”, he asserted.


He said that he would invite all political parties to be on the same page on the security as well as economic issues, adding that he would take requisite initiatives to bring all religious as well as political parties on the table to discuss security challenges to the country.


The prime Minister said that the policy of reconciliation has played vital role in creating political harmony in the country and it helped in the passage of constitutional amendments including the 18th as well as 19th amendments, and NFC Award, adding that efforts for political harmony would continue.


Regarding security issues, Gilani said that the government would not allow the misuse of any law which might undermine the constitutional rights of citizens or lead to injustice.

Reader Comments
Saudi Arabia has no role to play here and praying for intervention from that source would not be proper. Pakistan should stand up on its own feet and follow the law. You have to face up to the bully on the street and that doesn't come with any warning.

Syed Mohammad Husain
PPP is agent of america and will do what they would like. Even from Luger bill Pakistan has recieved only 170 million dollars for which we are killng out people in north Pakistna.

Other than Saudi role in Raymond Davis case there is nothing the Hon Prime Minister has said which he has not said at every other briefing with senior columnists.

Mr. Prime Minister, Qisas can only spare the death penalty. It does not set the criminal scot free. Let us not confuse the issue. Raymend Davis has committed murders, in addition to spying and carrying out illegal activities. Qisas cannot absolve him of that.

Mohammad Masood
Why are we now inviting Saudi Arabia to interfere into our internal affairs. Haven't they done enough for Pakistan by creating the monsters "Talibans" to liberate Afghanistan on the behest of their masters, Americans. They are the destabilizing force for the whole region while enslaving their own people.

Dr. Syed H. Imam
PM Gilani please just expunge and expurgate the very idea of winning the Davis jackpot, by putting on line the unique image of Saudia, the natural Guardian of the entire 1.8 Billion Muslim Ummah, and that too when the whole Gulf is engulfed with fuming flames of revolts and rebellions. You surely know are living in a global village and in the Internet era.

If Qisas and Diyat cant be solved by or GoP and by the Ulema/Mashaikh, then what good are they to us? Nothing. Saudi Arabia is always meddling in our affairs because we let it.

Nazir Habib
I do not see any role of Ulema or indeed of the Saudis. His government or to put it correctly Zardari's government cannot stand on any principle. For this reason, he has pressurising the poor family of the victims by sending them to Arabia. The process can not start before the accused is found guilty. You have to try and first and then one may negotiate. But not before.

Akram Malik
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