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TTP seek prisoner release, army withdrawal from FATA

- September 15, 2013 - Updated 1632 PKT - From Web Edition

PESHAWAR: The proscribed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has demanded the release of prisoners and the withdrawal of Pakistan Army from FATA before it can begin talks with the government.


Talking to Geo News anchor and senior journalist, Saleem Safi, TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said the militant outfit held a meeting of its Shura (decision making body) to consider Islamabad’s offer of talks.


The TTP spokesman said the government had not made any formal contact with the militants so far, adding that the militant organisation had been betrayed in the past following talks and was wary of entering into an agreement.


The TTP also claimed responsibility for the Lower Dir blast in which three Pakistan Army officers including a Major General and Lt Colonel were killed. The spokesman said that the attack was carried out by the Swat chapter of the Taliban.

Reader Comments
"TTP seek prisoner release, army withdrawal from FATA" -- as rewards for killing the Generals.

Dear Taliban/ TTP, please talk with us...we do not care that you have killed 40 thousand of our citizens...Please talk with does not matter that you have killed our general and colonel...please talk with is OK that you target children who want education and schools...Please talk with us...we are Pathetic Pakistanis who do not know that you are our worst enemy with twisted Islamic beliefs that justify murder of anyone who disagrees with you...please please talk with us?

First Pakistan should determine whether TTP are muslims or non muslims, then the government has to find out who is behind TTP? It can be India,USA , Israel. If TTP are muslims and are not supported by any other country, then why government fails to talk to them and if they are non muslims funded by any non muslim country then why Jamat e Islami and others are backing TTP?

Tight Patloon
The TTP is now demanding the release of all prisoners and the withdrawal of the army from FATA. This is a replay of 2010 when the army launched an operation in Swat and Malakand. Next the TTP will demand from the so-called democratic parties half of their wealth. That is the time they will ask the Pak Army to launch an operation. By talking to the TTP they are only putting of temporarily the inevitable. Salams

NK Ali
Release TTP prisoners, remove troops - next demand hand over Swat to them.

Fateh K
These murderers are blackmailing the government, forget the talks just go after them and teach them a lesson.It is because of the dumb position taken by IK and the NS government that the army is not going after them with full force, they should change their position and go after these thugs with full force.

As much as TTp put pressure on Pak Army ,they would be in better position for negotiation.

Abid Hussain Shah
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