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Drones in slumber after Davis incident

- February 13, 2011 - Updated 00 PKT - From Web Edition

By Usman Manzoor

ISLAMABAD: Whether it is a deliberate US policy or a mere pleasant coincidence but not a single drone attack has hit the country since January 27, when the American killer Raymond Davis was arrested in Lahore after he killed two young men.

The last attack was carried out on January 23 and so far over 2,000 people have been killed in such attacks since 2004.


The American Embassy spokesperson, Courtney Beale when contacted said that the embassy does not speak on security issues therefore she did not have any comment on the drone attacks’ stoppage after the Davis issue.


The Conflict Monitoring Centre, an independent research centre which monitors the drone attacks, confirmed that there have been no drone attacks since Raymond Davis was arrested. According to the CMC report there were 11 drone attacks reported during January 2011, killing 49 people.


At least 10 people were also wounded in these attacks. All the drone attacks were carried out in North Waziristan Agency of the Fata. No significant militant casualty was reported during the month.


January had otherwise been a busy month for the drones as five attacks were carried out.


The New Years day was the deadliest as the dawn of 2011 brought death for 19 people while ten people sustained injuries. The attack targeted a house while the second struck the rescue workers on the spot. Two other drone attacks separately hit two vehicles in the area.


January 23 was the second deadliest day of the month when 13 people were killed in three different drone attacks. In the first and second strike, a drone hit a vehicle and a motorcycle, respectively. In another strike, an alleged militant compound and a vehicle were targeted.

Reader Comments
Correlation is Not necessarily Causation.

Kumail Haider
The US Govt Dragged Aafia''s case unnecessarily to insult us as a nation. Lets not drop ourselves to their level. Hang him ASAP. Of course after the necessary water boarding etc since he knows a lot of seniors killers in Washington.

There is no more Musharraf in Paksitan (America’s so-called poster boy). American must learn to respect instituions like our courts, the Punjab legislature , the Punjab police, our Foreign Office, etc.

America has killed more then 2000 persons in drone attacks in pakistan, these figures are identical to the one killed in 9/11 attacks in america, the style of both attacks are identical in nature since 99% of people killed in both type of attacks are innocents. After 9/11 attacks many countries sacrified their millions of citizens in American backlash and know who should question America's authoritarianism?

Complete American influence will only be eliminated once their bases and embassy, an epicentre of espionage activism, are closed down once for all. About time to establish a Caliphate state, one that won''t be bullied by foreign forces!

Most probably Americans are just being shrewd. The last thing they want is to fuel public emotions and turn this Egyptian way. You just dont sit on a fuel tank and play with matches.

Why have pakistanis concluded that davis is a murderer well before a formal investigation? Maybe he was acting in self-defence? Its not that robberies dont happen in pakistan?

There was a (unbeliveable) report about the recnt drone crashes in a national daily yesterday. According to this report the Taliban have acquired some signal jamming equiment which has been used to jam the signals remotely controlling these pilotless aircraft.

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