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Imran blames UK govt for killing of Zahra Shahid

- July 22, 2013 - Updated 25 PKT - From Web Edition

LONDON: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has held British government responsible for killing of Zahra Shahid and party workers on May 12, 2007, Geo News reported.


Addressing an Iftar dinner here, Imran Khan said he had raised voice before Zahra Shahid's murder that the soil of Britain was being used for incitement of violence, addind that no action was taken.


He alleged that May 11 elections were the most rigged in the entire history of Pakistan. He demanded re-election in four constituencies.


PIT chief said Scotland Yard had not contacted him yet.

Reader Comments
Mounting blunders Dl Khan, K2 hypocrisy,Taliban land drones may turn Imran phobia, loves Royal family & Pashtoon to hell.

Saman Khan
It is on the record what Altaf Bhai says & what he believes in. Inciting violence, coercion, are his modus operandi.We have handed over hundreds of so called "terrorists" to US & NATO forces. Why can't we demand from Brits to hand over Altaf to Pakistan? He is no different than taliban terrorists.

Abdullah N
one side he is blaming Altaf Hussain just on guess, and other side he is favoring Taliban which already killed thousand of Pakistanis and accepted it. What a leader you are Imran Khan. Pakistan ka allah hi hafiz.

why British Police and Scotland Yard are Quiet now????? I think they have also been pressurized by the British Govt for not putting hand on killer & terrorist Altaf Hussain.If this is the case,i am sorry to say ,but british police and Scotland yard then aso work like Pakistani police which is highly politicized!!!!!

I didn't understand how so many people follow such a personality (altaf Hussein). are they insane? Well done Imran. He should be expose, that how he gathered the innocent poor needy people in his gatherings. Muhammad Afzal,

Muhammad Afzal
Altaf hussain should be brought back to Pakistan and trailed in the court transparently. British Government is responsible for all unrest in Karachi. They have presented british nationality to one who is murderer of hundreds of innocent people. What british government wants to tell the whole world? We, Pakistanis, have firm belief that Altaf Hussain is working on the script of those who are far away from humanity and who can burn whole world for their interests.

M. Asif Iqbal
This devil creature should be brought back and tried for thousands of murders. Grill his close assocaite how he got killed Shibli, his young body guard, sole brother of seven sisters, as he had accidently witnessed this monster in an awkward situation.

Imran Khan has very rightly & boldly taken up the Case with ‘Fact’, while in London, holding British government responsible for killing of Zahra Shahid & party workers on May 12, 2007. How the British Govt allows, a British citizen, sitting in London to give ‘Telephonic’ Bhashan from London with incitement of violence in another country. Would British Govt tolerate same, if done against them from another country? It is said “Magaz Ko Bagh Main Janay Na Deejey K Nahaq Khoon Parwanay Ka Hoga’.

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