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Quetta terrorist attacks death toll rises to 25

- June 15, 2013 - Updated 2243 PKT - From Web Edition

QUETTA: At least 25 people were killed in terrorists attacks at a women's university bus and Bolan Medical Complex here on Saturday.


According to details, in the first attack at least 14 female students of the city’s only all women’s university were killed and 19 more were injured when a bomb planted on a varsity bus went off.


The blast struck when the students were boarding on the bus to go home.


As the victims were shifted to the Bolan Medical Complex, a second blast struck the emergency ward and several terrorists stormed the complex laying siege to it. Four FC personnel,the city’s deputy commissioner, and four nurses were lost lives in the attack.


The Medico Legal Officer of Bolan Medical Complex who was seriously wounded in the attack later succumbed to his injuries bringing the total death toll to 25.


It took four hours for security forces to bring the situation under control.


A third blast took place on the second floor of the complex as forces were trying to clear the complex of terrorists.


At the end of the operation at least four terrorists were killed, while a suspected terrorist was taken into custody.


Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, told reporters the forces freed dozens of people, who were held hostage inside the building.


"The standoff lasted for several hours and ended when security forces stormed the building, freeing 35 people who had been taken hostage, Chaudhry Nisar said.


"Four attackers were killed in the action, however, security forces succeeded in arresting one militant, he added.


Nisar hoped the agencies would be able to squeeze some strong leads out of the suspected held terrorist, which would help them hunt down other culprits.


Nisar did not have any information on the identity of the attackers.


Interior minister further said that the two attacks in Quetta were not related.


Prior to Nisar's press briefing outside parliament, the country’s Information Minister, Pervez Rasheed, spoke to the reporters.


The information minister told media the federal government would provide full support to the provincial government in these testing times.


"Balochistan is part of Pakistan and we will not leave our people alone in a time of tragedy. All National Security Agencies are assisting the provincial government", ," Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid told reporters in a news conference


He ruled out the involvement of a foreign hand in these attacks.


Earlier, in a pre-dawn attack, the Quaid-e-Azam Residency, a historic rest house in the hill station of the Ziarat, Balochistan, where Pakistan's founder spent some of his last days, was attacked and destroyed.


A policeman lost his life in the attack on a popular symbol of Pakistan's history, which was gutted by fire after several small bombs were detonated.


Presenting an initial investigation report in the National Assembly, Interior Minister Nisar said the militants had replaced Pakistan’s flag with that of the Balochistan Liberation Army at the Residency after the attack.

Reader Comments
Part-V: Remember Shahenshah Humayun had made Nizam Saqqa, DHAI DIN KA SULTAN, I wish, God make me DHAI DIN KA “COAS”, I will get all prominent Political Leaders slain, with their entire families, confiscate their Wealth, Money, total Assets, commercial & agriculture lands, distribute them among deserving Kisans & Haris, the 60% people living below Poverty-Line. Hand over the country to Imran Khan to run with all honesty & sincerity & bring back the Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan.

Part-III: Our self-made Leaders & the Army, who ruled the country, after Nawab Khawaja (Sir) Nazimuddin, totally destroyed the image of Pakistan. Lust of Power & Lust of Money were their Mottos. Bhutto plus the Army broken the Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan into half by ignoring the mandate as was achieved by Sk Mujeeb-ur Rehman & had thus, the former East Pakistan became on the world Map as Bangladesh. And today, seeing the Pakistan, Hamara Dil Khoon Kay Aansoon Rota hay, whats happening, Cont’d.

Part-IV: Entire country & important Organizations are being invaded by Terrorists Group. Only yesterday, at least 28 innocent people, including 14 female medical students, plus four nurses, were killed in terrorist attacks at Bolan Medical Complex. What a Sorry state of affairs. We are a Nuclear State, what a Shame! See, what's happened with Karachi,11 thousands innocent men, women, children were killed by MQM, PPP, ANP Militant Wings, for Lust of Power & Lust of Money, cont’d.

Part-II: Just know about the British days, who ruled India for more than 150 years & the ‘Mir Jaffers, Mir Sadiqs’, types of men, the Khushamdis, who, in order to get ‘Jhootaas’ of Britishers, used to sit at their feet, served them as their home servants, used to give wash to their Dogs and in return got ‘agricultural lands’, in abundance, became Landlords, Khans, Sardars, Chaudhrys, Waderas & later became Politicians & Leaders, Cont’d

Part-I: Some well-known Proverbs ‘Gadha kiya janey Zafran ki Keemat: Bandar kiya janey adrak ka Swad (what does Monkey know the taste of Ginger): Bander Kay Haath Main Naryal (The hubble-bubble in the hands of Monkey). After Quaid-e-Azam, Khan Liaquat Ali Khan, Saradar Abdur Rab Nishtar, Nawab (Sir) Khawaja Nazimuddin & many other of those days Quaid-e-Azam’s Rufquah, all our Leaders, who have ruled the country & have been ruling now, the above-mentioned Proverbs fit on them! Cont’d.

Crazy, what is going on here.

friend of Pakistan
The attack was carried out by sick men who are the biggest scum bags on earth unwilling to allow women education keeping them in dark ages to feed their lust and it is for the Government of Nawaz to take firm action to prevent such unprovoked attack on young females risking their lives to seek a future for themselves and their families. The army is mute with court interference when action in response as was in Bugti and Lal Majid being interpreted as of criminality.

United Kingdom
time to wake up... there is no time to waste on negotiations... how many negotiations have happened before; with the same outcome... this is the opportunity given to govt. to prove itself and there is not time for mistakes or experiments... all political parties to let go of petty personal gains and save the nation.. we demand bringing the culprits to such a trial that no one dares do this again.. we demand our country to be moderate and peaceful.

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