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Correspondence reveals a lot more names, issues
- Friday, November 18, 2011 - From Print Edition


LONDON: US businessman Mansoor Ijaz who broke all hell in the world media by releasing the evidence of his secret Memo to Admiral Mike Mullen said on Friday Mullen insisted on having the ambassador’s offers put in writing because the US government had been repeatedly deceived by Pakistan’s verbal offers of action in the recent past.


“He also insisted that I obtain the ambassador’s assurance that President Zardari had approved the offers contained in the memorandum. I did exactly those two things,” he told The News.


Speaking after Admiral Mullen confirmed the Memo, Mansoor said at 09:06:16 hours, “I spoke to Amb Haqqani at his London hotel (Park Lane Intercontinental Room 430) in a call lasting 11:16 minutes.


“During this call, he confirmed that the final text of the Memorandum was okay and that he had “the boss’ approval” that the memorandum could be sent to Admiral Mullen. The boss was an obvious reference to President Zardari,” Mansoor insisted.


He also revealed that at 08:45:43 on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, the final draft of the memorandum was sent to the ambassador’s private e-mail address. At 08:47, I sent him a BBM reminder to have a look, and that we needed to have a short call for him to verbally confirm everything was GO. The memorandum’s contents had been drawn from calls with the ambassador and instructions given by him to me in drafting it. The content of the memo entirely originated from the ambassador (and perhaps those instructing him elsewhere). At 14:51:33 (about 9am in Washington DC), I called my US interlocutor and informed him we were GO and that the memorandum could be delivered. At 1400 hrs on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, Admiral Mullen received the memorandum from my US interlocutor.”


The full transcript of his exchanges with HH are also now available to The News. These were:


05/09/2011 12:31 HH: Are you in London? I am here just for 36 hours. Can we meet for after dinner coffee or s’thing?


05/09/2011 12:32 MI: I’m in Monaco but it’s no problem for me to fly up. Takes 90 minutes. What time did you have in mind? Where do you want to meet?


05/09/2011 12:35 HH: Pls call me. I’m at the Park Lane Intercon +442071060900 room 430


05/09/2011 12:35 HH: Waiting for ur call now 05/09/2011 13:37 MI: Could access to the 3 stooges who widow the man be arranged as part of the bigger picture?


05/09/2011 13:39 HH: I am sure that can be arranged upon formal demand


05/09/2011 13:40 MI: That is critical to breaking apart the system outside — and understanding what was going on inside. Would we get candor and truth or some brainwashed jargon?


05/09/2011 13:40 MI: The calls to Isphani’s people have been made. Very very receptive reaction so far


05/09/2011 13:44 HH: If my friend and I feel sufficiently empowered in relation to the bad boys, I will ensure we get candor


05/09/2011 13:45 MI: Got it. Let me see if we can’t get you a sledge hammer with a golden handle


05/09/2011 13:47 HH: Would be nice


05/09/2011 13:47 MI: I’m sending you a PIN message that others cannot see. Please respond. Thanks


05/09/2011 13:48 HH: Okay. Thx


05/09/2011 13:54 MI: Message by PIN sent


05/09/2011 13:56 HH: Okay


05/09/2011 14:22 MI: Message has been delivered to Isphani. Receptiom positive but I need you to agree to do something. Can I call you?


05/09/2011 15:02 MI: Please PING when you can talk and on what number. Time sensitive


05/09/2011 15:05 HH: Entering No 10. Can speak on cell after an hour


05/09/2011 15:05 MI: Okay. I’ll wait for your PING


05/09/2011 16:09 HH: PING!!!


05/09/2011 16:09 HH: PING!!!


05/09/2011 16:09 HH: Pls call on cell now +16179532835


05/09/2011 16:10 HH: PING!!!


05/09/2011 16:19 MI: Sorry. Was stuck on call to DC. Pls ping again when ready


05/09/2011 18:26 HH: PING!!!


05/09/2011 18:27 MI: Tried you. Phone says unavailable


05/09/2011 18:38 MI: The message I sent is what MM will see. It will be given directly to him and no one else


05/09/2011 18:59 MI: My friend in DC simply said too many people have been burned in the past two years on the US side and he wanted to insure that on such a sensitive subject, the data and proposal are clear. This is you to me, me to him. He trusts me enough to know I won’t bring it forward unless it has top level approval. He does not need it with any email addresses etc. He will scrub that in any event. If you want names to be mentioned, yours, JK, MD, etc, I will do that in person. So get whatever message you want delivered back to me and I’ll insure it gets in MM’s hands. Best. M


05/09/2011 19:02 MI: By the way, the interesting thing is that they consider AZ’s approval of the message worth more than anyone else in country right now. How do you like that?


05/09/2011 20:43 MI: I have additional information you need to hear. Ping when I can call you please


05/09/2011 21:10 MI: Would it be safe to say that you don’t want to run this up your flagpole because you need to work this deal from the middle out? Tell me if that’s the case and I’ll use a different approach that does not require something in writing. What would then be helpful is if I could simply have a BBM saying my talking points are correct, or not, and then you set your table, I’ll set my table and make sure you are an honored guest at my table when the party begins. If you’re good with that, I just need your okay on the talking points. No need to run it up the az-pole, if you get my drift. M


05/10/2011 00:29 HH: Msg recvd. Tweaking. Middile of road option sounds good. Will call morning.


05/10/2011 00:29 HH: PING!!!


05/10/2011 00:37 MI: Will you be sending me your tweaks or am I to use my copy as final? If tweaks are short, I can call you to get them


05/10/2011 08:47 MI: You have mail from two of my mailboxes. Please read, respond and then we have one last short discussion before I put everything in motion. Thanks. M


05/10/2011 12:45 MI: I was just informed by senior US intel that GD-SII Mr P asked for, and received permission, from senior Arab leaders a few days ago to sack Z. For what its worth


05/10/2011 13:08 HH: Thanks. Very useful 05/10/2011 13:09 HH: My friend and I agree with middle option. Go ahead


05/10/2011 14:57 MI: Message delivered with caveat that he has to decide how hard to push — we only set the table. He must decide if he wants one course meal or seven course meal. Ball is in play now — make sure you have protected your flanks


05/11/2011 12:33 MI: I’ve been asked to find out what time your meeting is today. Response so far indicates they are having a hard look, although they find it nearly impossible to believe anyone could deliver such results... to be expected, I suppose. Hope you got home okay. Did you see Mush while in London?


05/11/2011 14:59 MI: PING!!!


05/12/2011 00:36 HH: Call me on my cell


05/12/2011 00:37 HH: Also, M in ur msgs above referred to the Admiral, right?


05/12/2011 00:37 MI: Yes


05/12/2011 00:54 MI: Clarification. M at the end of a message is Mansoor. M or MM in the text of a message is the admiral. Apologies for any confusion. BBM when free. I’ll call you. Whether it is shattering news or not is up to you to decide


05/12/2011 01:47 MI: I just received an email from my link to MM independently confirming what you told me by phone. He says MM was appreciative of our intervention and utilized the data to advise and consent


05/12/2011 02:47 HH: Thanx. On way to Isloo. Will touch base on return


05/12/2011 02:54 MI: Good luck. Let me know at any time if you need any help


Details of chat between MI and HH after his Financial article was published until the first week of November, 2011:


HH: you can keep saying you delivered a message and show bbm convos to prove it


HH: Basically you don’t get it


HH: You have given hardliners in Pak Mil reason to argue there was an effort to get US to conspire against Pak Mil


HH: You are a US citizen


HH: You are supposed to look after US interests


MI: I wrote one article. Have not said one word on the record since then to anyone. I think your press is working both sides against the middle, trying to force something out of anyone they can. Period. I don’t play in that game


HH: In Pak political situation, getting burned as a US stooge undermines one’s effectiveness


HH: I will make sure FO shuts up


HH: Let this die down


HH: We are in the right


HH: We will still make things happen


MI: Okay, well I know my IQ is pretty low so you are probably correct in saying I just don’t get it.


HH: The Pak press be damned


HH: I stand by you as a man of integrity werving his country


HH: You don’t let ppl back home argue I play for your team, not ours


MI: But from my point of view, if there was a real threat, as you stated at the time, it is clear you were trying to save a democratic structure from those hawks


HH: You get to write the book on how you changed US-Pak dynamic and won the war in A’tan (w/ some help from a Paki nerd) :D


MI: I was happy to get the message in the back door because it served American interests to preserve the democratic civilian setup and the offers made, if achieved, were very much congruent with American objectives in the region


HH: True that, friend. But you know premature revelation ain’t good


MI: As far as I can see, we did right. Unless there is something I don’t see here. But then I’m sorta dumb from down on the farm where them hillbillies live


HH: Hey! Don’t run down hillbillies


HH: Even the smartest can miss a piece of the puzzle


HH: You are assuming there are no powerful men in Pak willing to break w/ US. Premature revelation gives those ppl reason to claim ‘conspiracy’, ‘treason’


HH: That is all you missed. Period.


HH: And no one else might tell you this, you’re becoming irritable and losing your sense of humor as you grow old


HH: Let this one go. There is much to do. MUCH. And then, there’s the beach where I’ve been waiting to be invited, the slum boy visiting the millionaire


MI: I’m not a millionaire. But I do know a nice piece of beach!


HH: I’m not a slum boy either but I know how to make friends with smart people with a sense of history :P


MI: Jesus, then what the —— are you doing hanging around with me? =D


HH: We’ll make things happen and if we can’t, we’ll write a book about it


HH: Who said I was hanging around with you. A minute ago I thought you were about to hang me :D


MI: :O MI: Really?


HH: Look, Isloo is a mess. Journos gone wild. Politicos scared of mil. Mil scared of Yanks.


MI: Tell me one important thing. Who likes you and who hates you in the US establishment? Who wants you to stay and who wants to —— you up?


HH: The debate abt your oped has caused my detractors to put pressure on my boss


HH: In US estab, I can count on Leon and Petraeus


MI: I thought YOU were the boss!


MI: Who is against you?


HH: Folks at State don’t like me


MI: Why?


MI: Too close to AZ?


HH: They think I am too mixed up w/ DoD and others and do not help them cut deals w/ Pak mil


HH: Close to AZ bit too


HH: They are wrong re DoD and others.


HH: It is just that becoz of A’tan, they are more imp than State


MI: I always thought HRC was one of your fans. She even has a lady from our parts working with her


HH: It is folks at State who got pissed off by your mission


HH: She may be but I was Holbrooke’s buddy so everyone who hates him hates me


HH: I have no time for just pushing paper around


HH: State likes process


MI: Which mission? Sudan, Kashmir, there were so many they got pissed off about. I showed them how to do real American diplomacy and that was like a big pile of shit on their desk they couldn’t swallow


HH: Conferences, statements—with nothing changing


HH: The latest one


MI: Yeah, I got it. You’re right!


MI: Anyway, State will always hate me because I don’t accept their muddling way of doing things


HH: I don’t know for a fact but I won’t be surprised if the FO statement was prompted by someone here


HH: Robin Raphel is back as Grossman’s deputy


HH: You stepped on her toes w/ Kashmir mission


MI: That would be typical. But Grossman knows me and he knows how serious I am. Raphael still hates me for the Kashmir intervention where she did everything she could to fuck me up


HH: And now they hate me more when folks back home who hate me tell them you and I might have been together on s’thing (whether we were or not is irrelevant to them)


HH: Grossman is good but he doesn’t like anyone playing a larger than life role. Old school


HH: That’s why I have been requesting you to let this one go


MI: Yeah I know. Found that out when he was our lobbyist. But he’s a good guy


HH: That takes attention off me


MI: Hmmmmmmmmm....... Not sure anything could take attention off you


HH: I try and make peace with State and focus on battles at home


HH: HaHa :D MI: Diplomacy at its finest!!! HH: Yeah, right! But at least I shd not be painted as playing for your team


MI: Why not? You were a good quarterback for those three days!!


HH: I want to solve -***ing problems not fight a rearguard action all the time


HH: :x


HH: Let us wait and see if Hillary’s latest foray changes things in any direction


MI: Did we really solve a true problem or was this all smoke and mirrors?


MI: I mean on those days of stress...


HH: View here is that everyone in Isloo sucks!


MI: That’s pretty much true!!!!


HH: Too early to say re solution


MI: But if they all suck, then what did we save — a sinking ship that was going to sink anyway???


HH: And there is a genetic problem at that end, predisposed to going round and round in circles


MI: Yup!! That’s for damn sure


HH: I think we save the situation from an extremely violent outcome


MI: How can you solve the problems you understand so well from here if all the people in charge over there are wrong? It’s only one year til we have a change in the US. Then you really won’t like who we have here!


HH: I mean, Iran might have done better if the Shah had been saved AND some true reform introduced


HH: Actually, I think the new ppl here might be better to deal with


HH: They won’t take lies easily


MI: Don’t bet on it. We have a lot of extremists cropping up and seeping into the system


MI: They don’t trust anything Pakistani


MI: Don’t matter what it is


HH: Well, in that case find me a cheap piece of beach :)


MI: Cain, Romney (who hates Muslims), Perry — its all the same crap


MI: Hmmmmm, yes, I can arrange that


MI: Why is Z such an idiot?


HH: But don’t go off writing opeds abt arranging piece of beach w’out consulting first :P


HH: HaHa! Tough question


HH: I have a speech in 20 mins so let’s keep that for later


HH: Bye for now


MI: Okay. Good luck.


HH: Thank you!


MI: Hi buddy, I understand you/ your foreign office hacks are commissioning hatchet pieces against me. Unfortunate.... very unfortunate


HH: I will enquire and stop them. There’s no need for any of this.


HH: You haven’t helped by engaging so much w/ Pak media.


HH: What happened to the ‘silent soldier’?


MI: I issued a statement that was designed to put an end to all of this after Imran Khan’s rally nonsense. But be that as it may, I’m not going to tolerate character assassination in any of this


HH: I agree


HH: Will do my best to prevent it


MI: Roger that


HH: Focus on your policy message instead of who did what and we can turn this around


MI: Please remind your boss that his beloved wife, who later became a good friend of mine, tried the same bullshit tactics in 1996 when Maleeha was envoy — result: her government was dismissed in Nov 1996.


MI: I’m not someone he can mess around with. He better get that message from me and really understand it


HH: My response to Imran was very simple and true: I did not write a treasonous letter and if Imran has a copy, he should present it


HH: I don’t think your threatening helps


MI: That’s true from my point of view as well. But politicians are politicians


MI: I don’t make threats. I state facts. Your boss needs reminding of the facts


HH: Are you sure your side won’t deny?


MI: No, maybe they will. But that would also be a mistake. Too much proof on that side as well.


HH: But does “proving” help anything?


HH: Is it not the nature of a private mission that officials deny it?


MI: Don’t know. Don’t care. My point is simple — I’ve said what I was going to. Attacks on my person will not be tolerated. And my statement stands. Stop telling lies about me and I might just stip telling the truth about you


HH: If you were to listen to my advice, you would let this blow over and prove yourself afterwards. You are the one who will outlast the flying shit :)


HH: That is usually my strategy: be there when the others have self-destructed or blown over


MI: I’ve kept to my word — if everyone wants to call it a fabrication and make me the fall guy, then gloves come off and it’s not going to be fun or pretty for anyone


MI: You did something you thought was right outside channels because you felt it would be the most effective way to get the job done. I helped you execute. I haven’t thrown you under the bus. But be damn sure I won’t let anyone do that to me


HH: I’ll do what I can to keep it pretty


HH: I haven’t. I won’t.


MI: By the way, I know a lot more than you give me credit for about the circumstances that led to May 1 and your role in all that. Just FYI


HH: Honorable ppl stick with one another. Take care.


MI: ;)


HH: I am maintaining silence so pls check with me before reacting if some Pak journo attributes anything to me


MI: It’s interesting (and heartening) to see that many of the proposals made in the memo are now being implemented in the bilateral relationship. Very good


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