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Musharraf Sahib, in what condition you have come while we are reciting Quran: Dr Qadeer, Nawaz Sharif appointed a person with bad character as Army chief who would topple his govt; confessional statement was got read forcibly; C-130 plane was ready to hand AQ over to US but Jamali became a hurdle
- Saturday, May 28, 2011 - From Print Edition


LAHORE: A compilation of the handwritten memoirs of the benefactor of Pakistan and pride of the Islamic world, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, titled ‘Araaza’ is being published on the occasion of Yaum-e-Takbeer here today (Saturday).


Columnist Abdul Jabbar Mirza has compiled the 216-page book containing the brief history of the family of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and his concise biography from his childhood to the present day. In the book, the terrifying facts about his differences with former dictator Pervez Musharraf have also been documented. He has mentioned that on the occasion of the test flight of Ghauri-I ballistic missile on April 6, 1998 with a range of 1,500 kilometres, General Musharraf had been invited as corps commander of Mangla but he was not in his senses. He said his differences with Musharraf started when he told him: “We are reciting Quranic verses, Haj is being performed in Makkah and in which state you have come here.”


Unfortunately, General Musharraf later became the chief executive of the country and their differences persisted. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has recalled that 50 per cent work had been completed on Ghauri-III in May 2000 when the chief executive stopped the funding, saying: “You want to destroy Israel?”


Then, General Musharraf started debriefing of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan in January 2004 and forced him in February 2004 to read a confessional statement. Later, a C-130 plane was readied to hand over Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan to the US but at the eleventh hour, the-then Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali refused to sign the exit, saving the life of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. But differences of Jamali with Musharraf started and because of the same differences and at the behest of the US, Jamali was later removed from the office of the prime minister on June 26, 2004.


Moreover, the book also contains comments of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan on books of 10 different writers. In one of the comments, he stated that Mian Muhammad Sharif kept Pakistan and Pakistan’s nuclear programme very dear to him. He says that once he met him at a dinner in Oberoi Hotel in Medina by chance before the nuclear tests. He writes that Nawaz Sharif introduced him and said: “Abba Ji, this is the doctor Sahib who has developed nuclear bomb. The elderly Mian Sahib got up and embraced me. Later, he invited me for a meeting in Lahore after the nuclear tests. This meeting was held in Jati Umra and Mian Sahib received me and garlanded me. During the conversation, I told him that Nawaz Sharif has appointed a man (Musharraf) of highly bad character as the Army chief. He will topple his government. On this Mian Sahib expressed annoyance with Nawaz Sharif and my words later proved to be true.”