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- Sunday, June 23, 2013 - From Print Edition


The Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad is proud to present the second Exhibition of Brazilian Documentaries, which will take place from June 27 to 30 starting at 6:00 p.m., at the embassy.


Four award winning documentaries, portraying different aspects of Brazilian political, social and cultural life will be showcased during the exhibition.The first movie, called the ‘Mystery of Samba,’ is a testimony of the strength of Brazilian music. In it the renowned Brazilian singer Marisa Monte takes a journey through the history and the everyday life of the ‘Old Guard’ of Portela — the group of veteran samba players of the most traditional samba school of Rio de Janeiro. In this journey, Monte was able to recover almost a hundred old samba songs that were almost forgotten since their composers did not have the habit of writing or recording them in days gone by.


The second movie, ‘Nelson Freire’ tells the story of the boy-wonder from the countryside of Minas Gerais who became the most important living Brazilian classical pianist. Filmed in Brazil, France, Belgium and Russia, the documentary follows the life of Nelson through concerts and recitals — from his first contacts with a piano until becoming the renowned musician he is today. This is a movie about a talented man and his lifetime dedication to art and music. It depicts the methodic rituals of a quiet piano star, the numerous rehearsals, the waiting, the technical problems but also the applause, the many compliments and the recognition of the fans of an always discreet artist.


The third movie, ‘Master, a Copacabana Building’ directed by Eduardo Coutinho, one of the most renowned documentary filmmakers of his generation, shows the reality of the lower middle class in Rio de Janeiro from a unique perspective. In this 12-storey building one block away from the famous beach of Copacabana, there are 276 apartments, inhabited by around 500 people. After living there with his crew for a month, Coutinho reveals the day-to-day life of 37 residents. In one single building, people with different ages, origins, histories and lifestyles live together, many times without even knowing each other. The diverse microcosm of this building and the unveiling of the lives that integrate it, make for a delicate and insightful movie.


In ‘Entreatos,’ director Joao Moreira Salles and his crew have followed, up close, the then candidate Luis Inácio Lula da Silva in the last month of 2002 presidential campaign. The result is an impressive record of exclusive backstage images of private conversations, TV recordings, strategic meetings and political gatherings that reveal the personality of the man who would govern Brazil for eight years. ‘Entreatos’ is a brilliant testimony of a historic moment in the political history of Brazil, told from a perspective that was unseen by the general public. From the disappointment of not winning in the first round to the joy of the final victory, the documentary openly shows the people behind the campaign and allows for a closer look into the day-to-day life of Lula and his struggle for the Presidency.


The embassy is located at House 1, Street 72, F-8/3.