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- Sunday, November 11, 2012 - From Print Edition




World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has stated that transboundary pollution in Siachen area, caused heavy deposits of carbon on glaciated ice, is triggering the temperature to rise due to more absorption of solar radiation in those sectors that are generally believed to be the safest place protected by a hump and a small nullah.


The satellite images taken by WMO showed 4.3 km ice line retreat and presence of glacier lakes that are enough evidence to prove that glacier is fast melting and shape of snout is constantly changing due to transboundary pollution effects in the Siachen area.


The statistics showed that human waste in the Siachen area occupied by the Indian forces amounts to 1,000 kg a day that is packed in metal drums and dropped into crevasses at the rate of up to 4,000 drums a year and tragically it is all flown in but nothing is ever flown back, showing dumping of all waste material in ice of the glacier.


The waste material includes remains of crashed helicopters, worn out gun barrels, splinters from gun shelling, empty fuel barrels, burnt shelters, telephone wires, skid boards, dropping boards, edible oil containers, canisters, gunny bags, rotten vegetables, bad meat, expired tinned meat, cartons, wrappers, shoes, clothing and ration items.