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Former prime minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said peace in Afghanistan is must for the attainment of lasting peace in Pakistan.


He was addressing the conference on ‘Application of Iqbalian Vision to the 21st Century’.


He added that Iqbal instructed spiritual leaders to come out of the shrines and take charge of the leadership of the nation.


Sahabzada Sultan Muhammad Ali of the house of the Sufi saint Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) and founding father of Muslim Institute said Iqbal is not the Iqbal of a certain era but will always perform the obligation of guiding the followers of the faith of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him). He added that Iqbal’s ideology of freedom was the foundation of the ideology of Pakistan. If Pakistan’s decisions were made in Islamabad instead of being dictated from elsewhere, that would be the Pakistan of Iqbal.


PML-N Chairman Raja Zafarul Haq said that many events are to be organised in relation to the commemoration of the birth of Iqbal, but there is no parallel to the qualitative academic discourse found at the present conference. Iqbal’s theory of unity required absolute knowledge for the achievement of unity. The revolutions in Iran and Egypt have also only come about in light of the thought of Iqbal. Muslim youth from Morocco to Pakistan are being drawn to Islamic thought and it is only Iqbal’s teachings that have proved to be a source of guidance for them.


ISI’s former director general (r) Hamid Gul said that the Afghan nation is of brave people according to the views of Iqbal and that is why they have defeated a superpower. Iqbal’s thought will always live on because it is based on Quranic thought, which will live forever. The coming system will be an Islamic system with Pakistan as its guardian because Islam is part of the meaning of Pakistan.


Expressing his views, Senator Akram Zaki commented that Muslim Institute taking up the cause of Iqbal is a highly appreciable purpose. “Our youth is being lost to the misuse of mobile phone packages. It is the philosophy of Iqbal that can bring us back to a path of progress,” he added.


Muslim Institute Chairman Sahabzada Sultan Ahmed Ali explaining that Iqbal was very discontented with the conditions of the Arab world at the time and promoted the idea that all Arabs should come together to be bound by the relationship of Islam. The Arab world of today is an enlightened one and its youth proud of its Islamic identity. They believe it to be their goal when despite all projections by the Western world media, an Islamic government was formed in Egypt.