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- Friday, October 22, 2010 - From Print Edition




Shamim Ara, a legendary Pakistani film star of yesteryear, is in a coma despite a lapse of three days after she underwent brain surgery in a private hospital in the Defence area.


Shamim Ara, s super star of the country in 60s and 70s, suffered brain hemorrhage a few days back and was admitted to a private hospital in the provincial metropolis. She went through an hours long brain surgery three days back. Doctors were hopeful that there would be a positive improvement in her condition after 48 hours of the operation, standard recovery time in such cases.


Unfortunately, she had shown no signs of improvement till the filing of the report. She is on ventilator in the hospital with no signs of any improvement.


Bahar Begum , another superstar of Pakistan film industry and very close friend of the actress, told The News that Shamim had come to Lahore just a few days back and was staying at her close family friend and renowned singer Ghulam Ali’s.


She said Shamim was suffering from high blood pressure and taking medicine for the problem. She added that she had another such stroke some years back, too.


At 6pm on the fateful, Shamim fell down on floor when her maid was taking her to washroom. She was rushed to the hospital immediately.


Recollecting her good memories of the golden years they had spent together, Bahar Begum revealed that Shamim Ara was so soft spoken, decent and humble that she had nicknamed her ‘Good Girl’. Saloni, another great name in the Pakistani film industry, was a close friend of both Bahar and Shamim Ara. ìOn the evening of Saloni’s qul, Ara was crying like a baby and we tried our best to calm her down since could not bear the shock of her dear friend’s death,î Bahar said.


She said that, the following morning, Shamim had a brain hemorrhage. She believed that the departure of her close friend had caused the stroke.


However, Bahar Begum , who has been with her dear old friend after she came back from the USA, coming to know about that Sahmim Ara was not very happy with the way the great artists of our country had been treated. When asked about the visitors, she said in a sad voice that, so far, no one from the film industry had bothered to visit the great star of our film industry.


ìIt is very sad that great artists like Shamim Ara, who have given so much to the film industry, are abandoned so cruelly.î She was bitter on the strange ways of the film world, saying that people cared about and loved each other during their days. World had become so callous, she said.


Bahar Begum said we should never forget the role of the artists in the service of the nation and always take care of them when they are helpless.