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Sunday, December 23, 2012
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The Forum for Secular Pakistan has strongly condemned the brutal assassination of Senior Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and veteran leader of ANP, Bashir Ahmed Bilour, in Peshawar on Saturday.


In a statement, General Secretary FSP Javed Ahmed Qazi said that it was an attack on the secular thought and the secular political parties as well as the prominent leaders who have struggled for a secular Pakistan, and who been at the hit list of the forces that want to turn this country into a nightmare.


“It is a second high profile murder after Benazir Bhutto, which has the same objective and is by the same mindset and the same operative forces are behind it.”


The FSP paid tribute to Bashir Ahmed Bilour for his courageous standing like a rock against the forces of the dark ages, saying, he was a source of motivation for all those who were working against religious extremists particularly in Peshawar.


“The nation is still living with the pain of chilling attack on a teenaged girl Mallalla Yousufzai and others; it has been given another blow when the attack on the women health workers was made that now it has been given yet another shock by assassinating the veteran leader, Bashir Ahmed Bilour.”


The FSP urged upon the government to speedily react against such forces and give the nation a hope that it was genuinely addressing the most important conflict confronting the country.