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Asia Society selects Sabeen Mahmud to represent Pakistan
- Tuesday, July 17, 2012 - From Print Edition




Sabeen Mahmud of PeaceNiche has been selected as a fellow for the Asia Society’s India-Pakistan Regional Young Leaders Initiative (IPRYLI) and will participate in the inaugural forum to be held in New Delhi from July 20 to 22.


“We are delighted to have the Jinnah Institute, a non-profit


public policy organisation that seeks to function as a non-partisan think-tank, advocacy group and public outreach institution, as our local partner in Pakistan. In India, Asia Society¹s India Center, based in Mumbai, will play a key role as well,” said a press release issued by the Asia Society on Monday.


“Asia Society’s India-Pakistan Regional Young Leaders Initiative (IPRYLI) seeks to help nurture a community of next generation leaders in India and Pakistan committed to working together on a cross-border public service project addressing the most fundamental issues facing the region,” it said.


IPRYLI members are select young leaders from across all sectors (government, business, civil society, academic, religious, military, etc.).


As part of a process designed to build this regional network of leaders, IPRYLI members will attend an India-Pakistan Regional Young Leaders Forum scheduled for July 20-22 in New Delhi, and the annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit in Dhaka, Bangladesh from December 7-9; collaboratively develop a cross-border public service project as part of the community-building process; actively communicate via a specially dedicated section of the Asia 21 Young Leaders social networking site; work with a media consultant to implement a broad media outreach strategy on the challenges of leadership for India and Pakistan that also highlights the profiles and work of the young leaders; and be connected to Asia 21 sector groups which link leaders from across Asia within particular sectors (media, government, business, arts, etc.)


“The Asia Society believes that making a long-term investment in the development of a regional next generation leadership network can help lay a foundation for the kind of long-term change that can ultimately help stabilise the region. With its seven-year track record, the Asia 21 program is a model vehicle to foster and sustain such leadership in the region,” said the statement.


The IPRYLI will be closely associated with the Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative, the Asia Pacific region’s leading next generation leadership initiative. The Asia Society launched the Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative in 2006 to develop next generation leaders across the Asia-Pacific region.


In seven years, Asia 21 has become the leading next generation network in the Asia-Pacific, with over seven hundred active members from 30 countries and economies and across all sectors.


The Asia 21 Initiative annually convenes a preeminent gathering of Asia¹s most dynamic young leaders from the Asia-Pacific region, from every sector, including business, government, media, culture and civil society. To date, the network counts more than 700 of the most accomplished young leaders in the Asia-Pacific among its members, including businessmen, documentary filmmakers, environmental activists, human rights advocates, members of parliament, military personnel, performance artists and social entrepreneurs.