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PM’s House says Sindh government handling the case
- Monday, May 02, 2011 - From Print Edition


ISLAMABAD: The findings of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which included representatives of ISI, IB, CID, Special Branch, Rangers and Police, in the Wali Khan Babar case reveal that all the three target killers, who confessed to the killing of Geo TV’s brave reporter, received the orders from one Agha in South Africa.


The report established that the murder was completely planned and target killing squad executed the murder after getting orders from Agha Murtaza, who according to previous JIT reports used to give similar instructions to kill people.


Top police sources, however, confirmed to The News that proceedings in the investigation and initial court trial are being delayed for the reason that all the arrested target killers could easily get acquitted through courts as no solid evidence will be presented in courts. The officials reveal that same is being done under instructions of some top men in Islamabad.


When Prime Minister Gilani’s office was approached in this regard, The News was officially informed on behalf of the prime minister that he had nothing to do with this case. Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Shabbir Anwar on the question regarding stopping of police investigations and arrests and contacting the South African government said the prime minister says all these are provincial matters and chief minister Sindh and interior minister Sindh should be contacted to know the details of any development in this regard.


Asked if the issue of contacting South African government was also a ‘provincial issue’, the spokesman for the prime minister did not reply. The JIT report exposed the killers and the main planner but did not reveal the real motive and reason behind targeting the young unmarried journalist and real person of this political force who actually ordered Agha Murtaza to ‘get rid of’ Wali Khan Babar.


The JIT report, available with The News, shows that all the three interrogated target killers namely Faisal Mehmood alias Nafsiati, Muhammad Shah Rukh and Muhammad Ali Rizvi confessed to killing Wali Khan Babar and also narrated the details of the planning of the attack and of its execution at 2130 hours on January 13, 2011 along with taking instructions from Agha in South Africa.


Syed Muhammad Ali Rizvi alias Ali (Rizvi) son of Syed Sibtul Hassan, is introduced by the JIT as a member of this political force’s target killing squad. While describing his political activities, the JIT report says after joining this political force, he started collecting hides and donations besides doing other organisational work. Rizvi joined the political party in 1990 and is still doing organisational work of this party. Rizvi was involved in many events of killing innocent people of Karachi right from 1995 and has killed so many people details of which are given briefly in the report.


Muhammad Shahrukh Khan (Shahrukh) son of Muhammad Farooq, aged 22, joined the political force in August 2010 and started working with the target killing squad led by one Faisal Mota. Faisal Mehmood Nafsiati son Muhammad Hussain aged 43 joined the political force in 2003.


Rizvi disclosed before the JIT that orders of killing Wali Khan Babar came 10 to 12 days before targeting him. Rizvi told the JIT that these orders came from Agha Murtaza from South Africa on telephone to Faisal Mota. According to the report, on January 7, 2011, Faisal Mota called Rizvi, Shahid Commando and Asif alias Waseem Commando through a phone call for a meeting at 6pm in a park in KBR buffer zone. Faisal Mota and Waseem Commando told that they have a task to kill a reporter (journalist). They assigned the task of collecting information about the reporter (Wali Khan Babar) to Shahid Commando and one unknown guy. The JIT report says that Shahid Commando got complete details of house of Wali Khan Babar. Shahid played key role in killing of Babar.


Faisal Mota monitored movements of Wali Khan Babar at three different places near his home in Niaz Manzil Block-N. Some men of Faisal Mota were permanently deployed at Peshawari Ice Cream, Mateen Food, Block-N and at Ship Owner College to observe the movements of Wali.


According to JIT report and separate statements of these three target killers, the sequence that followed his execution was confirmed by all three as: Faisal Mota called Shahrukh on January 12, 2011 at 1300 hours and asked him to monitor Wali Khan Babar as if Faisal Mota did the same he (Mota) could be exposed. On the same day Shahrukh was brought to Geo/Jang office and Faisal Mota, Zeeshan and Liaqat showed him the picture of Wali Khan Babar on mobile and gave him the number of Wali’s car (AEE-613) with its colour and also told him that Wali will leave the office at about 5pm. However, Shahrukh waited for a long time as neither Wali came out nor he could find Wali’s car anywhere upon which he left the place after informing and taking permission of Faisal Mota.


On January 13, 2011 at 1500 hours, Fiasal Mota instructed Shahrukh to reach Jang/Geo office where he reached at 1600 hours. Zeeshan and Liaqat were already waiting for him there. Zeeshan again told him the car number of Wali Khan Babar and Liaqat advised him that Wali frequently used to visit Shahi Syed in Mardan House and if he (Wali) went towards the Mardan House then he (Shahrukh) will not conduct recce.


On January 13, 2011 at 6pm, Faisal Mota called Rizvi and asked him to reach his place. Accordingly, Rizvi along with one Jawed Sheikh reached Faisal Mota’s home where Waseem Commando, Shahid Commando, Saleem, Raja alias Zeeshan, Liaqat, Naveed alias Polka, Nasir and Shakeel were present. Faisal Mota said that he along with other boys was going to kill Wali Khan Babar. At about 8:30pm Rizvi, Faisal Mota, Faisal Mehmood alias Nafsiati and Liaqat embarked the car along with weapons and departed while other boys departed on motorcycles. On reaching Tean Hati near teashop they started waiting for the car of Wali Khan Babar. Faisal Mota said Shahrukh alias Mani was coming behind the car of Wali in his recce and that Shahrukh will call when he will reach near.


At about 2130 hours Faisal Mota received a call from Shahrukh who informed that Wali Khan Babar has reached nearer. On this Faisal Mota asked Rizvi, Liaqat and Faisal Nafsiati that they will give cover to Zeeshan with him and boys on motorcycles including Naveed and Shakeel who had come with Liaqat will do the same job and Zeeshan and Asad will kill Wali Khan Babar. Hence they started moving behind the car of Wali Khan Babar in their car and on motorcycles. When the car of Wali Khan Babar reached Liaquatabad No-1 there was severe traffic jam and vehicles were in standstill position. At this moment Shahrukh who was following Wali’s car, gave signal to Zeeshan towards the car of Wali Khan Babar. After receiving the signal, Zeeshan moved towards the car of Wali Khan Babar while other boys came out of the car with their weapons and intimidated people by brandishing weapons. In the meantime Zeeshan fired 6/7 shots on the face of Wali Khan Babar on his right side resulting in his death. After murdering Wali they all fled and reached the home of Faisal Mota. All the six agencies representing JIT unanimously accused Rizvi as BLACK and recommended he be challaned in all the cases he has confessed.


Faisal Mota and Liaqat fled to Hyderabad after coming to know that registration number of Liaqat’s car was noted down at the time of shooting of Wali Khan Babar.


The report and so far developments have established that the main planner in Pakistan was Faisal Mota and his three major accomplices were Liaqat (whose car was used), Shahid (who did the recce and provided exact details to the killers) and Zeeshan who shot Wali Khan Babar have not been arrested so far.


Police officials are telling media persons in their off the record interactions that there are reports that Zeeshan has fled to Malaysia. Whereas there are reports that the prime minister has asked the interior ministry to contact the South African government to arrest the high ups of the target killers giving instructions to these killers from South Africa. It however was not confirmed whether government has really moved ahead to contact the South African government in this behalf. It was also not clear whether or not and when the government would act against those who in fact are controlling these South African instructors of target killers.


Sindh Police sources also confirmed that on orders from Islamabad no efforts are being made to arrest Faisal Mota, Liaqat, Zeeshan and Shahid. These sources say that some of these have fled from the country and are supposedly in Malaysia. He said that in case of BoP, on Supreme Court’s orders owners of Haris Steel were arrested from Singapore. Now if the Chief Justice of Pakistan takes any interest in this case, the killers of Babar could also be arrested.