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Hanif Khalid
Sunday, November 21, 2010
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MADINA MUNAWWARAH: A royal decree has been issued for the accomplishment of the King Abdullah Extension in Masjidul Haram by the year 2013.


It will facilitate two million pilgrims to perform prayers simultaneously in the Masjidul Haram as against the present accommodation for 750,000. According to King Abdullah Extension project costing trillions of rupees, the new portion of the Masjidul Haram would be 5-storeyed and fully air-conditioned. Presently, the mosque is of 3-storeyed and the only Shah Fahd Extension portion is air-conditioned. However, King Abdullah has ordered that the major portion extended during the rule of King Abdul Aziz and the Haram built earlier should also be made air-conditioned.


Under the King Abdullah Extension Project, work on the first floor has been taken in hand by the Bin Laden Company, which has already completed the basements. The construction material is being manufactured at the Branibe Camp in Jeddah that includes pre-casting, mixed cement and electrical and air-conditioning goods.