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A new age
- Monday, February 04, 2013 - From Print Edition


When a bomb was planted under the car of Hamid Mir, the only question that I had to answer for the next few weeks was, “Did that really happen to Hamid Mir? Is it all true?” It is surprising when such questions surface even after a host of evidence is aired live on TV, the whole incident is corroborated by the highest serving officials of the country.


A month and a half before that incident on the 9th of October 2012 Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head and neck in an assassination attempt by Taliban gunmen while returning home on a school bus. The news was broadcast nationally and internationally sparking outrage across the country. She was then shifted to different hospitals in the country, life saving surgery was done and ultimately she was shifted the UK where she is still undergoing rehabilitation.


Even after the whole story developed in front of the nations eyes, some still have the indecency to ask if it was real or even worse claim that the incident never happened in the first place.


Now more details of what have happened have emerged. Surgeons at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital have been giving details about the condition of the 15 year old.


The gun shot which was not only at close range but passed through part of her skull. The shockwaves shattered part of Malala’s skull and also destroyed the bones in her left ear which pick up sounds leaving her deaf in the left ear. She is due to receive a “cochlear implant”. A cochlear implant is a small device which is implanted besides the ear and used to restore some sense of sound in people who have lost hearing abilities.


Dr Dave Rosser, medical director at the hospital where Malala is currently undergoing treatment has said: “Malala currently has no skull, she only has skin covering the brain.”


The missing part of Malala’s skull was placed in her abdomen by surgeons in Pakistan. This is common practice to keep the bone healthy. Yet, doctors have chosen to insert a titanium plate over the original skull which they fear might have shrunk down in all this time. Malala has asked to keep the bone once it has been removed.


Perhaps it is easier to ignore a problem. Denial is the easiest escape because accepting that Malala was shot means that we must accept that there is a real problem in the country where our children are not secure, where their right to education is not secure. Yet, if one wants to be in denial one should be decent enough to accept the great sacrifice a fifteen year old has made for the country and set an example to all our daughters that no one can take away their right to study!


The writer is Youth Ambassador of Geo and Jang Group. Email:[email protected] Facebook: Twitter: @amNAWAZISH