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Tuesday, December 11, 2012
From Print Edition

The Supreme Court’s order to employ the army for door-to-door verification of voters’ list in Karachi can have serious implications. First, the army may not have the required manpower to undertake the huge task, considering that it is already committed on the western front in addition to the eastern borders. The second, and more serious, factor is that Karachi is infested with armed gangs which allegedly enjoy the support of the three major parties of the city which are also part of the coalition government. Using the army can result in clashes with these armed gangs in an urban warfare setting. What happens if the army personnel are attacked?

Even if the army somehow manages to complete this task, it will again be the responsibility of the same political parties to resume their role. But what we have seen time and again is that these parties and their leadership are not capable of effective governance. For effective governance, the country needs a revival of the local governments, creation of more provinces sans assemblies and a lean central government.

Colonel (r) Nazir Ahmed