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Sunday, December 09, 2012
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LONDON: The London hospital that treated Prince William’s pregnant wife Catherine and where a nurse was found dead after being hoaxed by an Australian radio show on Saturday wrote to the station condemning the “truly appalling” stunt.


Britain reacted with horror at the death of mother-of-two Jacintha Saldanha, 46, in a presumed suicide. Her death triggered a wave of anger online directed at the two Australian radio hosts behind the hoax who have been pulled off the air. Floral tributes to nurse Saldanha were placed outside the accommodation block where her body was discovered on Friday. Media reports called her death a suspected suicide although police, ahead of a post-mortem examination next week, said it remained unexplained.


There was no receptionist on duty at 5:30am on Tuesday when presenters from Sydney’s 2Day FM rang King Edward VII’s Hospital, impersonating Queen Elizabeth II and William’s father Prince Charles.


Saldanha answered the call before passing it onto a colleague who divulged details of the Duchess of Cambridge’s recovery from acute morning sickness.


Hospital chairman Lord Simon Glenarthur wrote to Max Moore-Wilton to protest “in the strongest possible terms” about the hoax.